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招聘单位/部门: EIL Laboratory
招聘岗位/专业: EIL Laboratory Experimental Chemist
联系人: Prof. Greg Searle
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招聘信息发布: EIL Laboratory

Job Title: Experimental Chemist

Location: Dalian, China

Job Type:Full time

Contact: Prof. Greg Searle

Role Purpose

Over many years BP has developed an exceptional relationship with the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) and has a BP Office located in the Institute. This special and valuable relationship is set to grow with the opening of the Energy Innovation Laboratory (EIL) in Q3 2010, a joint collaboration between BP & DICP.

The objective of the EIL is for DICP and BP staff to work together to build a research capability to discover and develop exciting new thermo-catalytic technologies which have the potential to materially impact BP’s R&M business. To be successful the EIL will need to integrate with BP research facilities in the UK / US and learn how to achieve Chinese research costs while meeting BP safety standards.

The role of the Experimental Chemist in the EIL is to successfully execute catalysts performance evaluations and reaction dynamics investigations using EIL advanced experimental equipments, i.e. Yashentech PRS-16TC H.T.E. and Strata 4 channels microreactor. The successful candidate is expected to be actively involved in the experimental design, conducting analysis of the results and presenting the findings.

Key Accountabilities

• Ensuring safety practice in routine laboratory activities, especially rig operation and maintenance - suggest ways to improving safety.

• Calibrating, operating and maintaining micro-reactors, GC, Micro-GC and QMS. Set up analysis methodology for specific chemical reactions. Collect and process experimental data; interpret and report experimental results both verbally and in writing

• Efficiently and independently resolve issues and problems that occur during the testing work.

• Plan and prepare complex experiments e.g. catalyst preparation, samples/diluents, loading reactors in a timely manner, good housekeeping and conduct of preventative maintenance.

• Conduct analysis of data and input into developing a successful experimental program

• Record results / ideas recorded and new findings reported in a prompt manner and together with protection of existing and new confidential material.

• Ensure constant communication with all EIL staff to ensure prompt intellectual property protection.

Essential Criteria

• More than 4 years of relevant work experience in heterogeneous or homogeneous catalysis and process development.

• Experience in the synthesis, characterisation and testing of heterogeneous or homogeneous catalysts.

• Experience of operating GC, Micro-GC and QMS analysis equipments

• Demonstrated ability to design and carry out experimental programmes

• Good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels.

• Demonstrated experience of working effectively as part of a team as well as on your own initiative.


• Postgraduate majored in catalysis, chemical engineering or equivalent discipline

Languages Needed:

• Mandarin - Fluent

• English (spoken and written) - preferred

Desirable Criteria

• Experience in operation & maintenance of high throughput equipment (H.T.E.).

• Experience of industrial process and the application of catalyst knowledge.

• Experience of tracking intellectual information (academic literature and patents) in related research projects

• Understand the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) in an industrial environment, experience of working with Patent Attorneys to create and protect IP.

• Ability to suggest new lines for investigation within the overall objectives of the program

Note:This is staff position of DICP, and sign contact with DICP instead of BP.


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