Postdoc “Anti-fouling approach for UF membranes”

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招聘单位/部门: Postdoc “Anti-fouling approach for UF membranes”
招聘岗位/专业: Postdoc “Anti-fouling approach for UF membranes”
联系人: Pro. Dr. Yiming Cao
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Research programme for Postdoc:BASFOpenResearchCenterAsiaPacific Programme

Corporation Supervisor:Pro. Dr. Yiming Cao

Work Location:Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics(DICP),Chinese of Academy Sciences,Dalian National Laboratory For Clean Energy


lPhD in Polymer Science, Organic Chemistry, Materials Science, or Chemical Engineering graduates recently or already graduated

lKnowledge on polymer science and chemical surface modification

lExperience on ultrafiltration membrane testing/fabrication is necessary

lHighly motivated and creative, willing to learn

lCooperative and responsible, to be a good team player

lThe ability to conduct research independently, to identify problems and to resolve

lExcellent communication and written skills in English

What you can expect: Getting involved in innovative research areas for industrial applications;Collaborating with global R&D teams of BASF; Opportunity to discover BASF culture and the various career possibilities at The Chemical Company; Possibility to join BASF (extend to a job offer) during the postdoc period.

If you are interested in this project or other potential projects, please send your applications or inquiries

Please checkthe postdoc applcation procedure.

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